How Much to Charge for Web Design

I freelanced in school, and because at the time I 'd never worked for an agency, I 'd zero clue how much to bill. So, I went with a speed that looks like more than enough. Actually, it was three times as much as I 'd make at any given part time occupation in the time: $25/hour.

So post-school I made the decision to give freelancing a attempt full time. I mainly figured I did not have enough billable customers to bring in enough, and still did not understood that I was not charging enough. So I worked, and worked, and worked. I landed more customers and made more cash -- but it was still a laughable sum -- about $20,000 per year. !

Neither choice is wrong, do what works for you. Do be sure you're billing for everything. A customer will keep phone calls brief and significant if they are being billed! Billing for every little communication, research, and active work helps to keep matters moving forward. !

Many new freelancers fall into the snare of billing to little is because early on they've a prospective new customer contact them, hear their speed, and hear the dreaded words, "that is a little too steep, can you go any lower?"

Offer an acceptable overview of their present situation or issue. Let them know you are able to offer rebranding services also, let them know you're able to cut up the layout you offer, or tell them about A/B testing, analytics, and other research techniques that'll give them a better product in the long run.

When an invoice comes more than a week past due (aka, it undoubtedly was not only 'in the post'), then follow up politely a few times. Most of the time, it was forgotten about, or else they'll understand who to touch base with to see whether it was lost in the procedure. !

Still can not get in touch after a few more weeks? Transfer up the ladder to the contact's managers -- do the thing you should get paid. You may lose this customer as a recurring one, but what is the point in case you spend have your time with them pursuing checks?

Posted on May 19, 2015 at 09:32 PM