Health Receives Contributions for New Food Guide for Children Under 2 Years

Love until what age? What foods can I offer to the baby? Can or cannot sugar? Doubts and more doubts surround mothers and fathers about feeding their young children. That is why, since 2002, the Ministry of Health has made available the Food Guide for Children under Two Years. And as the world changes, including the way we eat and the existing foods, this document will also change. And with the help of the readers themselves.

The guides need to be constantly revised to follow the profile changes of the population, explains the social policy analyst of the General Coordination of Food and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, Gisele Bortolini. In recent years, we have moved from a scenario of low weight and nutritional deficiencies to the overconsumption of ultra-processed foods and overweight.

"The feeding profile of children has changed a lot in the last years, with obesity, early introduction of food and consumption of ultra-processed foods. These are new challenges that we observe in the health of the child: the consumption of nutritionally unbalanced foods, with a lot of salt, sugar, fat and unhealthy, "warns the analyst.

New Guide

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 16% of children under the age of five accompanied by SUS are overweight. Among children aged 5 to 9, one in three are already overweight. And what they eat in the first two years of life influence the following years. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults.

For the revision of the Food Guide for Children Under Two Years of Age, the Ministry of Health counts on the help of universities, researchers from various places in the country, institutions such as the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, IBFAN Brazil Network and other Ministries, such as Education and Social Development and Fight against Hunger. However, society plays a key role and can contribute in practice.

Company Participation

From October 23 to December 5 of this year, anyone can suggest recipes to compose the new Guide, up to more than one if you want. Of course, they need to be healthy, made with natural ingredients. They will be selected and then tested by the committee responsible for reformulating the Food Guide.

"The idea is that they really are something that kids love. We are expecting recipes that do not have sugar and also that they do not use ultra-processed foods with ingredients that we cannot recognize. They need to value fruits, vegetables and vegetables in our regions. It may suggest main course, small meal, a single meal or even a full ", clarifies Gisele Bertolini.


Practical and modern

What the Ministry of Health wants is an easy-to-read guide that can really contribute to the day-to-day feeding of young people. Therefore, workshops have been held with mothers and fathers so they could say what they wanted to have in the document. One of the requests, for example, was that it be separated by age group, taking into account the various stages of the baby.

In addition to the parents and caregivers, the Guide is also expected to help health professionals.

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 03:21 PM