Personal Loan Simulator Online: Know Where to Find

It is very common for anyone looking for a line of credit to become interested in a personal loan simulator. The fact is that not everyone knows where it is possible to find one easily, online and fast.

Going to your bank and talking to your manager, he might give you some information, if you have a pre-approved amount, but that takes a lot of effort, does not it? So, let's talk about online options today.

Online Personal Loan Simulator

Some banks offer their clients a personal loan simulator through internet banking and their applications. However, in general, only customers with pre-approved values ​​are able to estimate installments for loan repayments.

However, there are today fintechs and comparison companies that offer the consumer the possibility to simulate online the installments of the loan.

For example, Customers find an online loan simulator. It works as an estimate for clients who want to get a sense of the installment values ​​for each loan amount without first sending their data.

Although there may be a change in values, since the personal loan simulator considers average rates and the client will need to undergo a credit analysis, the results give good estimates to those looking for a loan.

The advantage of the simulator for the customer is that they have access to a result quickly, without any commitment and at no cost. There is no change of screen. All results appear by simply changing the fields of loan amount and payment time.

Request Proposal

After you use personal loan simulator and decide that you really want to take out the loan, the client goes to the proposal request page. He then makes a registration on the site and informs his first data. These are used for pre-credit analysis, which will tell whether or not the customer was pre-approved.

The pre-approved customer then receives their fees (interest and CET) and knows what value was pre-approved for him. In addition, you can see what the plot value would be under these conditions. These numbers may differ from those of the personal loan simulator because the data reported by the client are now being considered.

Accepting these conditions, the client then departs for the verification phase of the informed data. This is done by sending the requested documentation on the site. If everything is correct, the values ​​and conditions offered in the pre-approval are maintained. And if the client accepts, he chooses how much he wants to hire and how he will install. You will then confirm your checking account and make the digital signature of the agreement. Ready! All right? Then within 1 business day after signing the contract, the money goes into the checking account.

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 03:19 PM