How Will You Fight Stage Fright

For over three years in school and studying program communicating, I Have learned many strategies on the best way to handle stage fright. Though I still have this anxiety whenever I'm performing, I am now able to command it. For example, last time we had a declamation performance. Of course it is not about reading my declamation piece but memorizing and performing it in front of my classmates and teacher. I confess that when my professor declared this task in class I felt anxious. I felt that perhaps I could not do it correctly. And the worst is that I come up with the notion that I shall not come to class on the day of our demo. !

Afterward I understood that I am going to neglect this issue if I will not be participating because contribution is 50% of the level. So I asked myself, "What I'm scared of?" I understand my bit. I have read it. I have practiced it. Am I scared because I was thinking of reporting rather than this action? Perhaps, I was not prepared for that operation but I am happy that I did it. Though I forget some significant lines on this piece but I did it. I performed in front of my classmates with no anxiety in any way. Yes, I was nervous at that time but I 'm happier doing my performance. I should confess that I forget some lines because I wasn't focus particularly when I look at my teacher's saying. But still I'm proud that I did it.

Stage fright also called performance anxiety is the fear or phobia that aroused when an person performing in front of an audience. This typically occurs when a man felt that he or she is the center of attention, when she's afraid of crowd judgment and when she anticipates a perfect performance.

Stage fright has numerous symptoms: fluttering or thumping heart, tremor in the hands and legs, sweaty hands, facial nerve tics, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction and dizziness. It's a standard anxiety in public speaking, job interviews and performing in front of others. !

1. You've got a poor groundwork instead of enough practice.
This is an extremely common source of stage fright. Before a demo, you need to prepare and have sufficient practice. For example, I had a classmate who's not the kind of a man that's terrified of performing in front of others. However , as soon as we'd our declamation, she could not begin the first line of her piece. Why? Because before our performance, she stated that she did not practice her piece because she's not anticipating that we will be having our performance on that day. She even comes to school 20 minutes late. !

2. You're afraid of ruling.
All of us have the anxiety to be judge by others. We do not need to learn negative ideas from other folks. We do not need to tolerate criticisms. But if we're consistently have anxiety to be judge then we can not concentrate on what we've to be done in front of other individuals. Because instead of doing our greatest during our operation we're thinking of what would be the crowd thinking of us right now. Accept those judgments on the favorable manner that it'll allow you to enhance not on the negative side.

3. You lack self confidence.
Occasionally we worry because we do not have any confidence in ourselves. The main idea you have to do would be to trust yourself which you can do it. Always remember, if others trust you then why you cannot trust yourself? Your family, buddies, teachers and all individuals that besieges you believes that you just can do it.

4. You constantly compare your skills with others.
Please quit comparing yourself with others. Remember that all of us are exceptional. You've your own means which other folks are wanting to have but no need to compare with them. !

5. You're weary and starving before the performance.
You should take a rest during performance. Even the well known performers around the world take remainder. And additionally you must eat. In the event you are weary and starving you cannot concentrate on your own operation. Your head will let you know to really have a rest, eat and rest. And you'll be out of focus.

7. You lack knowledge about public speaking.
Individuals who lack knowledge about public speaking are the one who worry to speak or perform in front of others. You need to have history on what to do when speaking in public. Having the knowledge will reduce your fears. !

8. You constantly connect previous adverse experiences of public speaking.
"I can not do it. I'll never do it." A number people constantly connect our operation to the failures that we've done before. Well, it is not always erroneous to link previous encounter when you think of this as an inspiration and not hindrance in your operation. !

1. Prepare for your demonstration.
Be prepared. For example, when you'll be having a play in your group, you must memorize and practice your lines. It is the best thing to do before your demonstration or performance. You need to prepare before.

3. View your own performance in front of a mirror.
One of the best thing to do to handle stage fright would be to practice in front of a mirror. Gain self-confidence in yourself by reciting your lines in front of a mirror. Should you keep seeing yourself until you understand you are actually killing it, then you certainly will be more likely to be successful on the stage.

Posted on May 20, 2015 at 02:42 PM