How Important is The Medical Guide for Health Professionals?

How important is the medical guide for health professionals?

The medical guide is one of the tools that most collaborate with the "crowding" of the waiting rooms of the Brazilian practices. Being a part of these booklets today is very important, especially for those professionals who are starting their careers or who need to increase their patient list.

Considered as an opportunity for many doctors and other health professionals, this tool is also very important for the day to day population that quickly finds the sought-after specialties in one place, in alphabetical order.

And it is worth emphasizing that today it is very difficult for a person to reach the clinics and clinics without having found their references within a medical guide, be it from your health plan or even from someone you know.

In this article we will talk, therefore, about the importance and great opportunity that is to be part of these guides and also highlight some advantages for the professional. Keep reading!

Health plan and medical guide

Despite all the economic crises and instabilities that Brazil has been experiencing and even having withdrawn a bit in the last year, health plans remain with most of the spotlight on themselves when we talk about private care.

The number of contractors has grown, as public health support is completely inefficient and unable to meet the high demand for medical care and procedures.

With so many people using their services, health plans offer some practicalities so that the experience of looking for a professional is simpler and easier.

The medical guide is precisely the tool that contributes to this demand and contributes to both sides, offering practicality for both the patient and the accredited professional.

Three Advantages of Being Part of a Medical Guide

1. Your Name and Your Highlighted Office

The first great advantage of a doctor or office doctor listed in a medical guide is that in this way it becomes possible to reach numerous groups and public profiles without great efforts.

It's like you're being part of an ad campaign. All your data such as name, phone and specialty will be available exactly where you are, of course, looking for these services.

Thus, due to the greater objectivity of the context, it is much easier for the patient to find you at a moment when he or she really needs it, since, let's face it, no one usually goes around writing down the contact of clinics and offices that are outdoors without being sick or needing, is not it?

2. Higher chances to fill the care schedule

When a health professional integrates the medical guide, he also has his chances of completing extended hours, thus contributing to the monthly income of his office without advertising and advertising expenses!

Because health plans are often crowded with users, and this is usually much more than the medical capacity hired and offered by them, the patient is often obliged to make several calls for consultation.

And this call may come in handy when filling your office vacancies!

To do this, you must always keep an eye on the agenda so that there are no mistaken markings that decrease the quality of service. Fewer, sometimes, too. Prioritizing numbers can become a loss, so be very careful!

3. Opportunity to expand the list of patients

The third and last advantage here listed is certainly the main of the three cited and you know why? Having access to an infinite number of patients who are not yet familiar with your work and office is the perfect opportunity for anyone who needs and wants to increase their contact list.

Every first appointment corresponds to a new chance to retain the patient and as such should be harnessed to the maximum for the good of the financial health of his career!

Many health professionals, such as doctors, ophthalmologists, and others, establish only a certain predetermined period of time to stay within health insurance plans.

The objective is clear: to win new clients so that, even without the subsequent service by the agreement, this patient continues to attend private consultations with the professional thanks to the affinity, trust and enchantment created in the past contacts.

Medical Guide: Strategy to Grow!

Therefore, as has been mentioned up until now, being part of a medical guide is an excellent opportunity for growth for the professional and its establishment and all this without having to invest in actions and strategies that, in truth, could hardly achieve the same results, so satisfying.

Of course, in order to grow, much more than receiving new patients, the professional should invest in quality and efficiency to keep them loyal!

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 01:19 PM