A Healthy Life Begins with Prevention

The harsh reality is that most of the products we eat make us sick. What was meant to be food can often be literally destroying our health. However, if you are aware of the risk that these foods pose, it is time to act and protect your food from these harmful agents. Have a healthy life by eating well.

Knowing the harms of these "foods," I suggest you make a plan of action. List all those products that you think need to be reduced or eliminated from your diet. For each of them set goals determining how long it will eliminate or reduce consumption. The goals are very important.  They will help you stay motivated on the road to achieving the goals that, in this case, are the prevention to maintain a healthy life.

Your body was created to be healthy

First of all, never forget that your body is a perfect machine. It is designed to work in perfect working condition provided you provide the appropriate "tools" and "fuels". Therefore, do not fuel your "engine" with poor food (fuel). Get into the habit of reading the labels of the products before consuming them. Keep in mind that the fewer ingredients you meet or the more complicated the names of the ingredients, the more risks products can offer to your health.

Avoid, as far as possible, industrialized foods. Make the most of preparing your family's food in your own home. Use natural ingredients and dine together with the people you love, make your food a moment of quality. Invest in your health, otherwise you will be forced to spend on the disease. Finally, do not transfer responsibility for controlling your health. Use the information and advice of healthcare professionals but be aware that improving or destroying your health depends much more on yourself than on others.

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 01:15 PM