Can I Increase My Personal Loan Limit?

Eventually some customers ask us if it is possible to increase the personal loan limit, but once the credit analysis has been completed, this amount does not change. You know why? Let's explain.

Personal Loan Limit

The personal loan limit is calculated according to the risk criteria of the lender, which may consider several factors. In general, one of the key factors considered is the size of the financial commitment if the customer takes that credit.

The personal loan limit varies from R $ 2,500 to R $ 50,000, being determined in the credit pre-analysis and confirmed after the validation of the data informed by the client. Therefore, if the data reported at the time of pre-analysis are different from those validated with the documentation, there may be a difference in the limit that the customer can take on a personal loan.

Loan limit with guarantee

In the secured loan, because there is a disposed asset, the loan limit is higher than that found in the personal loan. In general, this value considers both the income commitment of the consumer and the value of the good given as collateral.

Financing cap

In financing, it is normal for the customer to find longer payment terms because the purchase involves higher values ​​and, in order not to compromise the client's financial health, they must be diluted in many installments. The credit limit in case of real estate financing is usually higher than in other loan modalities, after all, just as in the secured loan, there is an alienated good. This means that if the consumer does not honor the payment, they may lose that good.

Term for loan repayment

The term for repayment of a loan varies according to the lending institution, its credit analysis and the amount taken. For example, the personal loan installment can be done in 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 times. The possibilities are determined in the credit analysis of the customer who requested the credit.

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 01:15 PM